Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.  That is why we did our best to write this page in plain English to explain what information is collected on you, and how that information is used when you visit this website.  


When you visit this website, your visit is tracked by a "cookie".  Not the chocolate chip variety, but a small data file that allows us to keep track of how many people are visiting our site, how long you spend on the site, and what content is the most popular.  Nothing in the cookie is personally identifiable, and we do not save or share and specific information about an individual users habits.

Don't worry.  Using a cookie isn't hacking your computer.  Your browser was designed for cookies, and almost every major site uses them.  It is a standard part of how the internet works.

If you really, really, really don't like cookies (again, the digital kind, not the chocolate chip kind) most internet browsers offer the option to block websites from placing cookies on your computer.  You should check out the documentation on your browser to figure out how to do this.

Cookies from other sites might also end up on your computer as part of your cyber journey that brought you to this website.  

Voluntary Information

You may be presented with opportunities to voluntarily provide us with information, such as your e-mail address or other information about yourself. We do not share this information with anyone else, unless we are required to do so by the law or some legal ruling  Information you provide when you make a purchase.

When you make a purchase from this site, our payment processor will obviously need to collect some information about you to process the transaction. We don't keep any of this information at BiB Purchase Store, however, our payment processor does retain this information. If you are curious about what our payment processor does with this information, you need to go ask them. Even though we don't keep a record of the information you provide when you make a purchase, we are able to look at some of this information.  We are NOT able to see your credit card numbers or banking information.

We respect the privacy of our users, and take great care to not view any information about them unless it is absolutely necessary.

Why might we have to look at this information?  There are some bad people out there who use stolen credit cards, people who obtain a user name and password and illegally share it or do other not nice things.  In these cases we may have to access information provided when the transaction occurred to prevent unauthorized access to this site, or get information for legal purposes.

Sharing information with other parties

Typically, we do not share your information with anyone else at all.  However, there are some exceptions to that.

Under certain circumstances we may be legally required to share your information.  We will comply as best we can with any court order or subpoena.
Some information that you provide on this site may not actually be collected by us, but by our payment processor.  You should check with them about how they use your information.

In the future, we may discover that it is necessary to change this policy.  If that happens, we will do our best to notify you of the change.  However, notification may not be possible.  

Therefore it is your responsibility to monitor this policy for changes. If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us.