• Thief on Thief (WMV) - Gianna Love

Gianna is a cat burglar who enters a house to steal some very specific items. She believes she is alone (she has observed the tenant going out) and is not on her guard, so she does not hear a second, masked burglar sneak up behind her. Only when he grabs and subdues her does she realize her careless mistake. By the time she recovers, she is already secured to a stool (all tying is performed on screen). Her struggles at this stage are ineffectual, and it is not long before the rival burglar gags her with duct tape and goes about his business, leaving Gianna securely tied up and unable to escape.

14 minutes 15 seconds - 1280x720 pixels - WMV: 391.4 MB

Thief on Thief (WMV) - Gianna Love

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