• Taxi Driver (WMV) - Gianna Love

Gianna is taking a taxi ride to a friend's house and is accusing the driver of going the long way around to run up the fare on the meter. The cabbie is not exactly pleased by her attitude, and when they arrive at her destination he is annoyed when Gianna claims to have forgotten her purse. She says that her friend will gladly pay and she takes him to the front door of the house. After knocking several times, she realizes that her friend is not at home. Gianna offers to give the man a check, but now he is furious, saying that he has been cheated like this before, that people like her are putting him out of business. He produces a pistol and orders her back to the cab, telling her he won't let her go until she comes up with the money she owes him. Gianna insists that she doesn't have it, so the cabbie secures her with cable ties in the back of his cab, gagging her with duct tape. He drives her to his house and ties her to a chair in the basement before searching her bag. Finding too little cash, he says she will be staying with him until she finds a way to pay up.

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Taxi Driver (WMV) - Gianna Love

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