• Roadside Grab (MP4) - Cali Logan & Jasmine St James

Cali and Jasmine are on their way to a party at the home of a new friend, and never having made the trip to her house before, they are relying on a GPS to guide them. As the journey grows longer and they are directed into a heavily wooded area, the girls start to worry. Not only are their cell phones no longer receiving a signal, but also their car engine is overheating. They are finally forced to stop and climb out of the vehicle, desperately searching for a signal on their phones. Then their luck changes - a Jeep comes along behind them and stops. They ask the driver if he has any bottles of water they can use to cool their car's radiator, but he says he has not. While Jasmine is searching for a phone charger in Cali's car, the man grabs Cali, pressing a cloth over her nose and mouth and holding her to stop her struggling. She sinks to the road, just as Jasmine comes back around to vehicle and sees what is going on. Instinctively, she runs to help Cali, right into the arms of the man who then presses the cloth over her nose and mouth too. Both girls lie motionless on the road while the man stands looking on in satisfaction. When the girls wake, they find themselves tied up in the back of the man's Jeep, duct tape stuck over the mouths to keep them quiet. The ropes binding them are tight and they have both been secured in hogties. They struggle but there is no escape. Just when they think things could not get any worse, the man starts driving, bouncing them around in the back of his vehicle, taking them to who knows where.

13 minutes 19 second - 1920x1080 pixels pixels - MP4: 513.7 MB

Roadside Grab (MP4) - Cali Logan & Jasmine St James

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