• This is How I Feel About Being Tied Up (WMV) - Cali Logan

Cali talks about how it feels to be tied up as she is being tied. Somewhat unusually, her wrists are bound together in front of her, and the rope is then passed beneath the seat of the chair so that she can't raise her hands far from her lap. More rope is added to attach her to the chair, then her thighs and ankles are tied. During the entire process, Cali tells you how she is feeling until, finally, she is cleave gagged by her rigger. After a few minutes she should have been released, but you know how it goes; the rigger leaves Cali tied up and gagged and she has no choice other than to free herself... except she can't. The ropes are tight enough that she can't wriggle out of them. She squirms and slides around on the chair, straining against the ropes and trying to loosen them, but this does not have much effect. Poor Cali has landed herself in a tricky situation this time!

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This is How I Feel About Being Tied Up (WMV) - Cali Logan

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