• The Curiosity Shop: Part 2 (WMV) - Cali Logan and Keri Spectrum

Keri reports the attempted robbery at her shop to the police, but since nothing was stolen the police can take no action. The following morning, Keri opens up as usual and then checks the time; Cali is late, and it is only her second day. Has she been deterred by her experience of the previous day? Keri phones her and asks her where she is. Cali says she is running late but she will be there. Keri no sooner hangs up the phone when the man in the suit enters the shop and holds her up. He asks if she thought he had forgotten about her, and again demands to know where the safe is hidden. When Keri insists that there really is no safe, the man in the suit takes her back into the stock room and ties her up again, this time in a tight hogtie on the floor. He gags her with a bandana and then tells her he will go and have a look around for himself, just as the bell over the shop door announces the arrival of someone else. Entering the shop, he finds a customer browsing (Becky) and has to persuade her to leave. She is reluctant to go since there is something she really wants to buy, but when the man insists she finally departs, albeit with bad grace. While this is going on, Keri is in the store room struggling with her bonds, but she just can't get herself free. All too soon, the man returns. He receives a phone call just before he reaches her; someone is summoning him away. He tells Keri he will be back soon to finish his interrogation of her. Alone now, Keri continues to work on getting free but doesn't make any progress. Then she remembers the cell phone in her jacket pocket and works her way over to it. She pulls out the phone and keys in Cali's number. She talks through her gag to a mystified Cali who doesn't understand what is going on, but says she will be there soon. Keri can only wait for her assistant to arrive, calling her name over and over in frustration. At last, Cali enters the shop and finds her boss tied up in the store room. She kneels down beside Keri and asks her what happened. With her gag now fully removed, Keri explains quickly and asks to be untied, but Cali wonders if the man in the suit managed to find the safe and take all the money, and asks Keri where it is hidden. Keri still insists that there is no safe but Cali does not believe her and goes to search for herself, leaving Keri still tied up and becoming angry.

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The Curiosity Shop: Part 2 (WMV) - Cali Logan and Keri Spectrum

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