• The Curiosity Shop: Part 3 (WMV) - Cali Logan and Keri Spectrum

In the concluding part of this story, Cali and Keri have been recaptured by the man in the suit and are now forced into the break room at the back of the shop. Seeing that Keri keeps spare outfits in case there is a need to change clothes during the working day, if, for example, she spilled coffee on her top, he decides to have a little fun and orders both girls to take off their clothes and change into the spare garments. Embarrassed, both Cali and Keri follow his instructions, knowing they have no choice. The girls are then instructed to sit down and each is tied to a chair. The man asks Keri to reveal the whereabouts of her safe, and after a brief denial and Cali asking her to just tell him, she finally gives away its location, hoping the man might free them. Of course he doesn't. Instead, he gags both girls and goes to check on the safe, warning Keri that if she lied he will be back. After he leaves, the girls gag talk about their situation and what they should do next. The struggle with their bonds for a short while then maneuvre their chairs back to back, their probing fingers looking for knots they can untie. Meanwhile, the man in the suit finally has what he came for, and we see him return to his truck where Sara is still struggling, bound in duct tape and gagged, in the back of the truck. The man tells her that his business here is finished and they are now going on a little journey. He drives away with Sara mmphing and struggling. Back inside the shop, Cali has succeeded in freeing Keri's hands. Keri unties herself and stands up to stretch, in now hurry to untie her assistant who is watching her expectantly. Rather than just untie her, Keri leans in close and again remarks how much she likes seeing Cali in bondage, running her hands over the girl's bound body.

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The Curiosity Shop: Part 3 (WMV) - Cali Logan and Keri Spectrum

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