• Cali's Escape Challenge (WMV) - Cali Logan

Cali agrees to be tied to a chair and take on the challenge of trying to get free. The format is the same as Watch the Model Being Tied Up, but the emphasis here is a little more on the escape challenge, which looked impossible. It takes about twelve minutes to tie up Cali, making her very secure before she is given the go ahead to start working on her bonds. She struggled without much progress for some time and we were about to call a halt when Cali declared that she was determined to get out, so the camera just kept rolling as she kept on going. It took her twenty minutes but she did manage it in the end. Her efforts to get free are filmed without edit so you can experience her struggles in real time, so to speak. She is the first escapee we've had in quite some time, so clearly, next time, we'll have to tie her even tighter!

32 minutes 26 seconds - 1280x720 pixels - WMV: 890.2 MB

Cali's Escape Challenge (WMV) - Cali Logan

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