• I Have To Keep You Tied Up enhanced (MP4) - Cali Logan

Cali is on her way to the office where she is about to sell her shares in a company she co-founded. Her partner does not want her to sell, wanting to keep control of the company, and has tried repeatedly to talk her out of it or at least to sell to him. Cali persistently refuses to see things his way, so he takes the drastic step of ambushing her when she climbs into her car, tying her wrists behind her back and gagging her with duct tape to silence her protests. He walks her from her vehicle to her garage and sits her on a chair, proceeding to tie her to the chair frame until she can hardly move. He tells he that if she doesn't show up, the buyer will see that as a bad omen and the sale will far through. Maybe then she will see reason. In the meantime, he says, he will have to keep her tied up to prevent her turning up at the office and spoiling everything. He closes the garage door as he departs, plunging Cali into gloom and eliminating any possibility that someone will stop by and see that she is in trouble. Cali struggles with the ropes around her wrists and body, but she can't find any knots to untie. She is trapped and could be sitting there for hours.

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I Have To Keep You Tied Up enhanced (MP4) - Cali Logan

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