• The Relic (MP4) - Cali Logan, Cadence Lux and Hannah Perez

Dave is a thief who has acquired an ancient relic on display at a local museum for the week. He knows the cops will come looking and is anxious to shift the piece; what he does not expect is for three of the museum's employees to track him down. He sees them arrive via CCTV and stop some distance from his house, getting out of their car and fan out. Evidently, they are planning to approach the house from different directions to optimize their chances of gaining access. Dave calls his employee Pete and asks him to round up the girls, then bring them to the house for interrogation. Pete manages to pick off the girls one by one, carrying their limp forms to the same spot in the woods before tying them up and gagging them. As the girls recover, they find their ankles secured in a hobble tie. Pete forces them to stand, links their waists with a rope to make them walk in single file, then wraps a rope around the lead girl's neck to act as a leash. He leads them through the woods towards the house, and the girls have no choice but to stumble along and desperately try not to fall. As they near the property, Pete hears a vehicle nearby and ties the leash rope to a tree which he goes to check that the coast is clear. The girls seize the opportunity to make an escape attempt. They untie the waist rope of the girl at the back and she hobbles away through the woods to get help. As her returns, Pete sees her and gives chance, lifting her up and bringing her back to her colleagues. He reattaches the waist rope and leads the girls into the house.

A little later, they are sitting on the floor lined up against a wall, and both Dave and Pete are asking them questions. It seems the girls were actually trying to recover the relic for the museum. The two men are amused. Dave sends Pete out to move the girls' car out of sight, and when he returns he is carrying dresses. The car owner seems to carry some spare wardrobe around with her, and Pete decides that they can put this to good use; by making the girls change into the dresses and enhance their sexuality, perhaps they will be able to interest the buyer in more than just the relic. The girls are forced to change their clothes in front of the two men, and then suffer the indignity of being tied up and gagged again. This time they are bound in a lotus position and unable to move more than a few inches. In a while, Dave receives a text from the buyer saying that he will take the girls too. All three are placed back in hobble ties and marched around the house to the big white van waiting to whisk them away, probably never to be seen again.

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The Relic (MP4) - Cali Logan, Cadence Lux and Hannah Perez

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