• Going Dark (WMV) - Hannah Perez and Maci Wilde

Agent Hannah Perez has been zip tied to a chair and is being interrogated by Agent Maci Wilde, the latter a specialist in extracting information. She wants to talk to Hannah about going dark for three weeks during her most recent mission for the CIA. Maci wants to know if she has turned double agent, but Hannah refuses to talk, telling her colleague that she cannot divulge any information about her activities at the present time. Maci has other ideas, and when Hannah refuses to cooperate, she produces a taser and counts down before its use, giving Hannah a final chance to talk. Hannah looks very anxious but still remains silent. Time and time again, Maci applies the taser to her subject, gradually increasing the voltage until, finally, Hannah's eyes close and she drops into an exhausted sleep. Maci, concerned that Hannah may come to and disrupt another interrogation she is about to perform in the next room, she tape gags Hannah to keep her quiet. When Hannah recovers, she starts trying to get free before Maci returns, but zip ties are almost impossible to slide of. Hannah pulls and squirms trying to gain some traction, but nothing is working and Maci may return at any moment.

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Going Dark (WMV) - Hannah Perez and Maci Wilde

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