• Maci's Escape Challenge (WMV) - Maci Wilde

Maci is tied up (on screen) and given the challenge to try to escape from her bondage. The tie up takes around 12 minutes, most of which is shown split screen so that Maci is visible from both the front and the side. She cheerfully chats as she is being bound, flexing her wrists to see if there is any play there at all. She wonders if she will even be able to move let alone escape. Once she is fully secured, Maci works on her restraints for a few minutes before being ball-gagged. She continues trying to reach knots with her fingers but they prove remarkably illusive. As the minutes pass and little or no progress is made, Maci realizes that she really is in a jam.

28 minutes 58 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,341.5 MB

Maci's Escape Challenge (WMV) - Maci Wilde

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