• The Code For The Safe plus Bonus Video (MP4) - Jessica

A man enters Jessica's home because he knows, from an insurance report, that she has a safe containing jewelry and money. He finds the safe but the information he has is out of date; the combination has been changed. He ties up Jessica and demands to know the new combination. She refuses to tell him what he wants to know. He warns her she will stay tied up until she gives up the information. She is hogtied on a bed and gagged with duct tape to stop her calling for help. He intruder pulls down her bra and gropes her breasts, then pulls her skirt up and slides her pantyhose part way down her thighs. He runs his hand over her panties, threatening so much more if she will not cooperate. Jessica struggles desperately, but the clothes line used to tie her up is tight, inescapable.

Bonus video:  Jessica is handcuffed and shackled to a bed and tickled. She is enormously ticklish and squirms frantically trying to keep from being tickled. Of course, there is nothing she can do.

Both videos have been enhanced (noise filtering, sharpening, color balance).

The Code For The Safe plus Bonus Video (MP4) - Jessica

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