• Captive In A Catsuit plus Bonus Video (MP4) - Anna Lee

Anna has been taken prisoner and is tied up, with duct tape covering her mouth to keep her quiet. Left unattended, she works her way into the kitchen and manages to get to a standing position. Spotting a pair of scissors on the kitchen counter, she hops over to them and attempts to free herself, but she is caught in the act and the scissors are taken away. The man orders Anna to hop back into the living room. She does so and sits in a chair where she is told to behave herself. After more struggling, Anna manages to free her hands and proceeds to untie herself. She pulls the duct tape from her mouth and jumps up, ready to make a run for it. Before she reaches the front door, however, she comes face to face with her captor. Anna raises her hands as he approaches her.

When we see Anna next, she is seated on a chair and secured to it with zip ties. Zip ties enclose her ankles and lower thighs, while a length of rope pins her to the chair back. Anna does her best to get free again but this time she has no luck; wiggling out of zip ties is virtually impossible. Anna sits helpless and waits to see what happens to her next.

Bonus video: previously unreleased, Anna, still in her catsuit, is locked in handcuffs and marched outside to a waiting car. She is placed on the back seat ready for transportation. This means the entire video includes rope bondage, zip ties and handcuffs.

22 minutes 45 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,072.6 MB

Captive In A Catsuit plus Bonus Video (MP4) - Anna Lee

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