• Return Of Her Greatest Fan (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Following on from the Beauties in Bondage clip "Cancelled" in which Jasmine plays an actress who once starred in a popular detective show, since cancelled, where an over-zealous fan is upset and wants her to carry on playing the role. He comes to her home and ties her up, trying to recreate the elements of the show with her. He is ultimately arrested and committed to a mental home, and Jasmine's life returns to normal.

We pick up the story where the fan escapes from the institution with the help of a fellow inmate, and they both show up at Jasmine's door, determined to make her recreate her detective in peril role exclusively for them. They drag her down to the basement of her house where some scenes in the TV show were filmed, and they tied her to a chair, telling her to start acting. Realizing that they want her to struggle, Jasmine makes herself relax and stop fighting. The two loons are not happy about her failure to perform, and try to think up ways to make her do what they want.

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Return Of Her Greatest Fan (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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