• She Tied Herself Up Remastered (MP4) - Anna Lee

Anna likes to please her boss and she knows her loves bondage games. She often stays late at the office to tie herself up, so that when her boss returns from a meeting or a trip out, he can find her helpless and in need of rescue. Anna decides this is going to be one of those days and sets about tying her ankles and thighs with rope, before gagging herself and securing her wrists to the chair back with handcuffs and a zip tie. When the boss calls to say he will not be returning to the office that evening because of an overlong meeting, Anna realizes she is in big trouble. Locked in tight handcuffs, there is no hope of wriggling her hands free. There is a handcuffs key in the desk drawer of course, and with some effort she manages to retrieve it with her mouth, despite being gagged. Alas, when she tries to drop the key into her hand, she misses and it land on the floors out of reach. Using her feet, Anna desperately tries to make a phone call, pulling the phone towards her and using her foot to depress the numbers. She calls out through her gag, hoping someone can hear her, but her attempted call doesn't appear to be going through. With no other recourse open to her, Anna swallows her pride and rolls her chair out into the corridor to call for help. Unfortunately, the hour is so late, everyone else has gone home.

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She Tied Herself Up Remastered (MP4) - Anna Lee

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