• Your Choice (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence has been asked to visit her boss at home because he needs to talk to her about something. He claims it is to avoid embarrassing her at the office, because the topic he wishes to discuss is evidence of her embezzling funds. Cadence tries to deny this at first, but confronted by irrefutable evidence, she admits to her wrong doing. The boss tells her that he can fire her and report her crime to the authorities, which may ultimately involve jail time, or he says he is willing to overlook her transgression if she will allow him to tie her up and gag her. Cadence hesitates, wondering what best to do. Her boss tells her it's her choice, but she needs to decide quickly. Rather than be fired and face time in prison, Cadence agrees to let him tie her up and gag her. She watches uneasily as he binds her wrists and ankles and ties her to a chair, finally silencing her with two strips of black duct tape over her mouth. He takes some photographs of her tied up, claiming he wants to keep these as a memento, but perhaps also as insurance against future misconduct. When he receives a text from the office asking him to go in to deal with a situation, he leaves Cadence restrained, telling her to use the time to think over her conduct.

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Your Choice (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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