• Taking Advantage (MP4) - Violet

Violet's car has broken down and she has walked miles in her high heels. She comes across a car parked on the side of the road and goes to ask the driver for help. The driver is willing to help her if she takes off her clothes and travels with him naked. Violet, affronted, declares that she can't do that and starts to walk away. Then she hesitates; her feet are so sore and she is desperately tired; she can't walk another mile, let alone find the nearest town. She returns to the car and with huge reluctance, disrobes. True to his word, the driver gives her a ride, just not where she was expecting to go. He takes her to his house and ties her up, still naked, so that he can have some fun with her. When Violet continues to protest at this treatment, she is gagged to shut her up. The driver leaves her on her own and Violet struggles to get free, but the ropes are tight and she can't loosen them. She is trapped with this creepy man who may never let her go.

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Taking Advantage (MP4) - Violet

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