• Number 13 (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine is on the phone to a friend and they are talking about the man who breaks into homes and ties up women, not to steal anything but because he sees himself as creating a work of art. He even calls himself "The Artist" when he leaves messages to taunt the police. He has tied up twelve different women now, each gagged with duct tape bearing the number of his victim.

Jasmine says she has locked all the doors and feels confident that no one can get in. Soon after she ends the call and checks that the front door is indeed locked, she returns to her living room, unaware that someone is walking up behind her. She finally sees him in the mirror and, startled, turns to confront him. He warns her that if she does not want to get hurt, she had better do exactly as he says. He starts by giving her a marker pen and a roll of white duct tape, and telling her to write the number 13 on it. She knows for certain now that she is in the presence of "The Artist".

Soon, he has secured Jasmine to a chair with rope, binding her wrists, knees and ankles, and securing her to the chair itself with rope passing above and below her breasts. He concludes his art work by applying four strips of duct tape, the last of these bearing the number thirteen that Jasmine herself was made to write. After taking some photographs for his collection, he leaves Jasmine alone to get herself free. She struggles once her departs, but the ropes are very secure and she soon discovers that she can't loosen them. She will have to sit there, bound and gagged, until someone finds her.

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Number 13 (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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