• Don't Tape My Mouth, I Won't Scream - Version 2 (MP4) - Cali Logan

Cali is a thief who specializes in very small objet d'art, making them easy to walk away with and sell. She is checking out a house where the knows the owner is out and is taking her time. When she hears a car approaching, she looks round in alarm to see that the man has returned home. Cali hurries down the basement stairs and enters the garage, hoping to make her escape as the owner comes in the front door... except this time he enters through the garage and catches Cali in the act. Divining that she is a thief, he is about to call the police when Cali begs him not to, admitting that she might already have a warrant out for her arrest. She says she didn't take anything and she will just be on her way, but the man is not willing to let her get away that easily. He tells her that if she doesn't want the police involved, she will have to take off her clothes in front of him and let him see her naked. Cali squirms in discomfort and tries to resist, but when the man starts to key in 911 on his phone, she quickly capitulates and starts to remove her clothes. The man makes her keep going until she is completely naked.

When she is completely nude, the man walks her to her car, initially planning to let her leave, but then he realizes he can have so much more fun with her yet, and if she wants to avoid legal entanglements, there is absolutely nothing she can do about it. To start with, he makes Cali lie on the back seat of her car so that he can take in her nakedness. Cali squirms under his gaze and asks if he has not seen enough. Again, the man almost lets her go, then decides on even more fun. He makes her walk to his van where he has placed rope, duct tape and a ball gag. Ordered to lie down again, the man ties Cali's wrists and ankles, then connects the ropes to make a hogtie. He duct tapes her mouth and admires his handiwork, then realizes he has not made use of the ball gag yet. He peels off the duct tape, pushes the ball gag into Cali's mouth and secured the strap at the back of her neck. Now he applies fresh duct tape, effectively double gagging her. When he leaves her alone for a while, Cali struggles, trying to free herself of the ropes, but they are too tight. She's trapped! Maybe she could reconsider her career as a thief, it just got a little too real.

Remastered from the original recordings.

21 minutes 17 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,000.7 MB

Don't Tape My Mouth, I Won't Scream - Version 2 (MP4) - Cali Logan

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