• What Did You Tell The Cops? (MP4) - Monica Jade

Monica has been taken prisoner by a mob boss, for whom she used to do the books. She has been arrested by the police and then released soon afterwards, suggesting that she gave them information. Her former boss wants to know what she told them. She insists that she said nothing, but she can't explain why they let her go so quickly. Monica is gagged, ungagged, questioned, and gagged again, but persists in her story that she told the cops nothing, that she would always remain loyal. The mob boss is not convinced and keeps Monica tied to the chair for a long time. Finally, he decides that she must be too comfortable, and that the only way to loosen her tongue is to make her situation worse, so she is placed in a hogtie on the floor. Monica struggles against the ropes but they are tight; there is no way out. She will have to hope that her former boss will eventually believe that she kept her mouth shut.

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What Did You Tell The Cops? (MP4) - Monica Jade

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