• The Princess Delusion (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine retrieves a package that has just been delivered. She thinks it is the dirty schoolgirl costume she ordered for an upcoming party, but instead it turns out to be a Princess Jasmine costume from Aladdin. Noting that it is in her size, Jasmine tries the costume on and rather likes the look of it. That's when a man enters the room, much to her surprise, and tells her that she looks perfect in it because she is, in actuality, Princess Jasmine. Anxious to get rid of this crazy old guy, Jasmine tries to explain that she is not a princess, that the character he's referring to is just a cartoon, and to cap it all, the wrong costume was sent to her. It soon becomes clear that this man delivered the costume, and now he wants to tie Jasmine to a chair, ostensibly to "keep her safe" from this who might do her harm. When she continues to insist that she is not a princess, he gags her and explains that he is going out for a short time to retrieve his car. Once he has that, he says, he will transport her to her new palace.

In his absence, Jasmine struggles desperately to get free before he comes back. The man is clearly off his meds and needs help, but Jasmine does not want to be the one to deal with it. Unfortunately, she can't free herself before he returns, and can't stop him marching her, with hands still bound and gag still in her mouth, to his vehicle. He takes her to his house and to a bedroom where he has already set up handcuffs and shackles, and tells her this is her palace. Trying to play into the old asshole's delusion, she says that she is actually a princess after all and demands that he follow her instructions to let her go. Because the old man thinks she is the one who is deluded, he refuses to obey her and cuffs her to the bed. He wants her to rest, and to keep her quiet while she calms down, he gags her with duct tape. After he departs from the room, Jasmine tries to get free for a few minutes, but she knows that it's not possible to get out of metal cuffs, and relaxes. She will have to wait for tomorrow and hope for an opportunity to get away.

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The Princess Delusion (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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