• The Crazy Fan enhanced (MP4) - Adriana Evans & Ten Amorette

Adriana is an actress who is being stalked by avid fan Ten. Her manager has resorted to renting a secluded property for Adriana to rest when not filming to help get her away from the crazy, obsessive woman. Adriana is on the phone expressing her thanks to her manager for going that extra mile for her, but as she as she ends the call, Ten jumps out of hiding, stark naked, and rushes over to grab Adriana. She wrestles Adriana to the floor and, to the actress's horror, produces some zip ties and a roll of duct tape. Ten secures Adriana's wrists and ankles, constantly telling her how she is her greatest fan and that she loves her work, but she is a little upset that Adriana keeps trying to avoid her. When Adriana demands that the woman let her go, Ten tapes her mouth shut with multiple layers of duct tape before telling her how they're going to have so much fun together.

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The Crazy Fan enhanced (MP4) - Adriana Evans & Ten Amorette

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