• The Tanning Spa (MP4) - Cadence Lux, Juliette March & Jasmine St James

Jasmine is the owner of a new tanning spa establishment called The Ancient Oaks Spa. To attract customers, she is running a 75% off promotion which also includes a Halloween theme. Cadence sees the advertisement on-line and goes to the location of the spa, only to find that it is very remote with no other buildings in sight. A little nervous, she calls her friend Juliette and tells her where she is, just in case. When she goes to the door of the establishment, however, she is greeted by a cheerful woman all decked out in a cape and leathers. Everything seems fine. Cadence enters and strips down to her underwear ready for the spa bed, and is shown the way by Jasmine. Only when she enters the room does she realize that something is wrong: There is no tanning bed, only an ordinary bed equipped with handcuffs and shackles. Cadence tries to back away, but Jasmine propels her onto the bed and manages to cuff her. When Cadence tries to call for help, Jasmine pushes a ball gag into her mouth to keep her quiet. Jasmine then proceeds to grope her new captive, admitting that the business is nothing more than a front to attract clients like her to use as playthings.

Later, concerned for her friend, Juliette turns up at the spa and asks about her friend. Jasmine greets her warmly and invites her in, explaining that cadence is enjoying an extra-long session on account of the huge discount being applied to the price. Juliette is lulled into a false sense of security until she too is shown to the room where Cadence is being held prisoner. Jasmine makes Juliette climb onto the bed next to her friend where Jasmine ties her up, placing her in a hogtie and using a cleave gag to shut her up. Jasmine plays with her new acquisitions for a while, but after she leaves, Juliette manages to get free and finds a key to unlock Cadence.

The two girls creep through the house until they find Jasmine on the phone trying to lure yet another unsuspecting person into her lair. When she ends the call, Cadence and Juliette grab her, strip her down to her bra and panties, then drag her to the bedroom where she is locked in the cuffs and shackles. Cadence tape gags Jasmine's mouth before she and Juliette depart. They little realize that Jasmine has a handcuffs key tucked in her bra for just such an emergency. As soon as she frees herself, she goes after the girls. She finds them trying to start cadence's car, but Jasmine has previously sabotaged the engine. She pushes the two girls back into the house and ties them to chairs. Angry that they almost escaped, she decides she doesn't want to keep them, but will sell them on to a contact she knows for a hefty profit.

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The Tanning Spa (MP4) - Cadence Lux, Juliette March & Jasmine St James

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