• Chair Tied in Leather enhanced (MP4) - Anna Lee

Anna has been secured to a chair. Her wrists are locked in handcuffs which are in turn held in place by a network of clothesline. All knots are well out of her reach, so with the handcuffs alone there would be no escape. However, we didn't want to leave it at that. Rope was also tied around her ankles, as well as above and below her knees. Anna is still free to speak and complain about her captivity, but a cloth in the mouth and a few layers of duct tape soon solve that problem. Rope is added around Anna's waist and arms to restrict her movements still further. The result is not artistic, but it certainly holds her in place without the slightest hope of getting out. Now we have peace at last and can get on with other work while Anna sits there nicely trussed up and out of mischief.

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Chair Tied in Leather enhanced (MP4) - Anna Lee

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