• What Do You Want From Me enhanced (MP4) - Cali Logan & Cadence Lux

Just as Cali steps from her car, she is grabbed by Cadence, a woman who engages in identity fraud. She wants Cali's bank card and other personal data, but when Cali resists her, Cadence takes her into the basement and zip ties her to a bed. She extracts information from Cali, such as the PIN for her bank card, then gags her and leaves her tied up while she goes to withdraw some cash, warning her captive that something bad will happen to her if she lied about the number. After Cadence departs, Cali struggles but cannot free herself from the vicious bite of the zip ties binding her wrists and ankles to the bed frame. As luck would have it, one of Cali's neighbors drops by, knocking on the front door of the house and calling out to her. Cali is able to attract his attention and he cuts her free. Cali explains what has happened to her, and says that she lied about her PIN and wants to capture Cadence when she comes back. The neighbor agrees to help her, saying that he has some experiencing with rope tying. When Cadence arrives, the two pounce on her and push her onto the bed. Cali covers her mouth and holds her down while the neighbor ties up this sexy criminal. After Cadence is secured, gagged and helpless, the neighbor decides to tie some rope around the girl's neck and secure it to the bed frame. Cali agrees enthusiastically and helps to tie of one of the ends, promising to feed Cadence once each day on table scraps, and perhaps even per food. The two leave Cadence tightly tied and going nowhere, unable to move in case she chokes herself.

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What Do You Want From Me enhanced (MP4) - Cali Logan & Cadence Lux

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