• The Lone Investigator (MP4) - Rachel Adams

Rachel is performing surveillance on a man believed to be fencing stolen jewelry. She is working alone, determined to make a name for herself, but this backfires when the man she is watching manages to sneak up on her and make her lock herself in her own handcuffs. He walks her to his house, and once inside, he secures her with chains around her ankles and upper chest, linking everything together to place her in a hogtied position. He pushes a cloth into her mouth and wraps microfoam tape around her head, gagging her. Aware that Rachel suspects what he does for a sideline, he has no choice but to keep her prisoner to make sure she does not alert her colleagues, hoping that she truly is working alone. In the process of keeping her prisoner, he makes her spend time secured to a pole in his basement, using zip ties around her wrists, ankles and waist to keep her in place. She is tape gagged again to keep her quiet while her captor deals with a buyer coming to his house to collect some diamonds. Seeing a cop would spook him, but with Rachel safely out of the way, all goes well. As the day wears on, the man decides that he will let her lie down for the night, and zip ties her to his bed, after making her gag herself. Rachel struggles with her restraints but there is no way out of them. What is she going to do?

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The Lone Investigator (MP4) - Rachel Adams

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