• Imperfect Evening (MP4) - Rachel Adams

Rachel has just arrived home from the opera wearing a very elegant off-the-shoulder dress. It was a perfect evening until she finds a man standing in her living room with a phone in his hand. Startled, she demands to know what he is doing there, and he shows her. On his phone, he is displaying her bank account balance, and is about to use an app to transfer everything she has to an off-shore account, unless she is willing to succumb to his wishes. Under the threat of losing her life's savings, Rachel obeys when she is told to remove her clothes, and when the man says he wants to tie her up with duct tape, sticking it to her naked skin. He secures Rachel and gags her, leaving her to struggle on the floor while promising to leave her money in her account. But will he? Rachel must free herself quickly in order to call the bank's emergency line and get the funds moved to a different account. But how can she get free of all this sticky tape? She wriggles her way to the kitchen, looking for some scissors to cut herself free. Where did she leave them? Why can't she think clearly? She begins searching while precious minutes tick away.

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Imperfect Evening (MP4) - Rachel Adams

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