• Blackmailer enhanced (MP4) - Madison Grey

Madison has been blackmailing her ex-husband and he has finally had enough. He hires a fixer to retrieve the incriminating documents. The fixer sneaks into Madison's home and surprises her, clamping a hand over her mouth. He demands the documents she has been using for blackmail, and when she says she doesn't know what he is talking out, the fixer pushes her up against the wall and ties her wrists together behind her back. He gags Madison and then walks her from room to room as he searches the house. Having failed to find the documents, he decides to scare Madison into giving them up. He ties more rope to her wrists and secures it around her waist, then uses this as a leash to walk her up and road and into the woods where he ties her to a tree. He says he will leave her alone in the woods all night if she doesn't tell him where to find the papers. Madison relents and tells him they are hidden in a safe. She gives him the combination and he goes off to see if she is telling the truth. Madison struggles with her bonds while the fixer is absent but she can't get free. After a while, he returns and frees her from the tree, having found the documents exactly where she said they would be. He marches her back to the house, her wrists still bound, a gag still in her mouth. Back in her living room, he makes her get down on the floor. The rope used as a leash is now secured to her ankles, placing her in a hogtie. The fixer says he is going to leave her like this all night as punishment for not cooperating right away, then he departs.

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Blackmailer enhanced (MP4) - Madison Grey

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