• Cancelled Meeting enhanced (MP4) - Dakkota Grey

Dakkota is busy cooking because she is entertaining her boss and his wife that evening, an informal business meeting to discuss her promotion at the company. The main dish is almost ready. It only remains for Dakkota to set the table, then change out of her work suit into evening wear. When she turns back from the dining room table after laying place mats, she is startled to find a man just standing in the room watching her. She issues a little gasp of surprise, then realizing she may be in danger she tries to make a run for it. The man grabs her, produces a roll of duct tape and begins taping her wrists together behind her back. So thoroughly startled by all this, Dakkota offers little resistance, and in a matter of seconds it is too late anyway. She asks why he is doing this to her, and his reply is disturbing: "Because somebody paid me to." Who? she demands to know, but receives no answer. The man duct tapes her elbows before making her kneel down and wrapping tape around her waist and chest, pinning her arms against her back. At this point, he uses her cellphone to put through a call to her boss's secretary and tell her that the dinner that evening is cancelled. Next, Dakkota is made to lie on the floor where the intruder tapes first her ankles and then her thighs. Finally, he winds duct tape around Dakkota's head, covering her mouth with multiple layers to make sure that she stays quiet. The man then leaves, his task complete. Dakkota struggles but pulling free of all that very sticky duct tape is an impossible task. She lifts her legs and tries to reach her cellphone with her feet, but it is just out of her reach. Next, she tries the same technique to reach the scissors she left on the counter, but that proves hopeless too. As a last resort, she begins searching floor level drawers and cupboards, hoping to find something she might use to cut herself free. The knows the chances of finding a suitable implement are slim, but it is the only hope she has short of waiting for someone to find her, and that would not be until some time the following day.

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Cancelled Meeting enhanced (MP4) - Dakkota Grey

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