• SWAT complete (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

Vonka has tried to convince her commander that a terrorist is hiding out in a remote wooded area and that they should move in to investigate. Her commander is of the opinion that the intel is bad and declines to pursue it. Determined to prove him wrong, Vonka launches a solo assault, planning to bring in the man herself. She pulls up outside the house, circles round and gains ingress via an unlocked garage. Once inside though, she is momentarily distracted and her target catches her unawares. He clamps a hand over her mouth and forces her to sit down, prompting duct-taping her to the chair. A cloth is pushed into her mouth and tape covers her lips. Helpless now, she can't stop the man groping her breasts and leering over her. When he leaves to drive her vehicle away somewhere to dispose of it, Vonka struggles desperately to free herself. It takes time and effort, but she eventually manages to break the tape binding her wrists behind her back. She frees herself and is about to exit the house when the terrorist takes her by surprise for a second time.

After trying to escape and being recaptured, Vonka lies on the floor as her assailant undresses her, removing her SWAT outfit and boots, exposing surprisingly sexy lingerie beneath the outfit. Had she been planning on a date after work? Well, that certainly isn't going to happen now. Her wrists and ankles are bound and her mouth silenced with duct tape. Vonka pulls against the tape, hoping to break free again, but it is even more firmly applied this time and will not yield. She attempts to find items that may allow her to cut through the tape, but nothing is sharp enough. In her restrained state, she cannot stop her captor from groping her breasts, and squirms helplessly against his attentions. When he has had enough, he subdues her once more before changing her bondage position again.

Vonka's ordeal continues. She wakes to find herself hogtied with ropes. She starts to call out for help, and her captor immediately arrives to hand gag her and keep her quiet. He has decided to take advantage of the situation. Rather than just confine Vonka to stop her summoning help, he now wants information about access to the armory at her headquarters. Vonka refuses to give up the information he wants, so he starts twisting her nipples, hoping that torture will loosen her tongue. When Vonka still refuses to talk, he pushes a ball gag into her mouth and tightens the strap at the back of her neck, then leaves her bound and gagged for a while to reconsider her position. Vonka struggles to get free but the ropes binding her are too tight. She is trapped and helpless. When her captor comes back again, he twists both of her nipples at the same time, and finally she gives him information. It may not be accurate information, but at least it makes him stop the nipple torture. He warns he that if she lied, he will be back to punish her further. For her part, Vonka hopes the asshole will get caught and her team will come to rescue her.

Still unable to escape captivity, Vonka wakes naked except for her panties, and is forced to put on new lingerie before locking her wrists and ankles in metal cuffs, securing her to a bed frame. Her captor retrieves her discarded panties and pushes them into her mouth, wrapping microfoam tape around her head to prevent her spitting them out. Gagged and helpless, Vonka shakes the bed frame, trying to break it to give herself one more chance to escape, but it would budge. It does not look as if her ordeal will end any time soon.

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SWAT complete (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

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