• The Masked Man Remastered (MP4) - Taylor

Taylor arrives home to be grabbed by a masked man. He clamps a gloved hand over her mouth and warns her not to scream or cry out when he takes it away. As soon as the hand is removed, Taylor starts to question him so he covers her mouth again. She learns. He zip ties her wrists behind her back, makes her kneel down and then zip ties her ankles too. To stop Taylor speaking, he stuffs a handkerchief into her out and ties it there with a black scarf (filmed in close up). He goes to look around her house for valuables, leaving Taylor on the floor to struggle in futility against the zip ties. When she spots her phone on the occasional table, she can't believe her luck. She grabs it and starts keying in a call for help, but the masked man returns before she can complete the call. He says he can't trust her to sit still, so he picks her up and carries her over his shoulder to a chair. He sits her on it and binds her to it with ropes. He notices Taylor is drooling through her gag, so he removes it and replaces it with some very sticky duct tape (also filmed in close up). Having got what he came for, he leaves Taylor trapped in bondage from which she could never escape on her own.

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The Masked Man Remastered (MP4) - Taylor

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