• Tina Cuts Off Carissa's Clothes Remastered (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery & Tina Lee Comet

The 4x3 aspect ratio of the original recordings has been preserved. The remastering includes the use of AI enhancement software which completely transforms the original 720x480-pixel footage, massively improving the definition and upscaling the videos by 225%.

Carissa has taken Tina Lee's job, allegedly gaining her promotion by sleeping with the boss, and this is Tina's payback. She drives Carissa to a remote house and makes her hop from the car into the basement where she ties her to a ceiling ring. She then finds a pair of scissors cut cuts away all Carissa's clothing except for her thigh-high stockings - top, skirt, and panties. She then tickles Carissa who turns out to be extremely ticklish. Carissa writhes in a futile attempt to get away from Tina's probing fingers, but she is trapped in bondage. It seems that Carissa is still a little too vocal through her duct tape gag, so Tina peels away the tape, picks up the panties she cut off Carissa's body and stuffs them into her victim's mouth. She then applies fresh duct tape to make sure Carissa cannot spit out the panties. Tina resumes tickling Carissa, making her squirm and laugh through her nose since her mouth is now packed with cloth. At last, Tina leaves her prisoner to stand there naked while she herself goes out to win back her job by any means necessary, informing the boss that Carissa has left and gone to Mexico with her new boyfriend.

16 minutes 16 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 765.4 MB

Tina Cuts Off Carissa's Clothes Remastered (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery & Tina Lee Comet

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