• Bound and Helpless enhanced (MP4) - Niki Lee Young

Niki has been grabbed and transported with her hands tied behind her back. Her captor releases her seat belt and pulls her from the vehicle, pushing her into a garage where he makes her kneel on the floor. Niki's chest and waist are wrapped in black rope before she is laid down on the dirty concrete floor where her ankles and thighs are bound. Niki is gagged with duct tape before her elbows are bound together. She is left alone for a few minutes during which she tries to escape, but the ropes are all so tight. She works her way towards the open garage door, hoping against hope that a passerby might see her if she could only get herself outside. Before she makes it, however, her captor returns. He seems amused by her efforts to escape and ties more rope to her elbows which is connected to her ankles, placing her in a hogtie and preventing her from moving any distance at all. Things look hopeless for poor Niki.

12 minutes 03 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 568.3 MB

Bound and Helpless enhanced (MP4) - Niki Lee Young

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