• Office Rivals and Rider's Revenge enhanced (MP4) - Amber Wells and Lily Anna

1. Office Rivals
Lily has been able to keep her job at her office for a long time because she will not allow any competition to steal her thunder. Whenever someone new shows signs of usurping her, she finds a way to remove them discretely. The latest acquisition by the company is Amber, to whom the boss has taken a shine. Lily sees red. We join her at Amber's home where Lily has already grabbed her rival, secured her wrists with a zip tie and gagged her, and is now leading Amber to her car for a little trip to someone quiet. Amber tries to escape before Lily can push her into the car, but with her hands tied and high heels on her feet, she does not get far before Lily catches her and drags her back. Once she has Amber on the back seat of the car, Lily zip ties the girl's ankles together, then starts the engine and drives her away.

2. Rider's Revenge
Lily is secretary of the riding school where she works, and she has discovered that Amber, a spoiled rich girl, has been bribing members of the board to vote her into the position of Club President. Lily confronts Amber and tells her she must withdraw from consideration or she will blow the whistle on her activities. Amber first mocks Lily, criticizing her inappropriate boots and lack of proper riding jacket, but when Lily threatens to expose her she tries to negotiate. Lily is furious, saying angrily that she cannot be bought. When she tries to leave to report Amber's illicit activities, Amber grabs her and wrestles her to the floor. Amber ties up Lily, wrists and ankles before placing her in a hogtie. To stop Lily's mouth, Amber gags her with duct tape. Standing with one foot on the bound Lily, as if it were a tiger she had bagged, Amber puts on her jacket and says she must go out for her two o-clock ride. As she tries to leave the house, however, she comes face to face with a stable hand whom she had reported for groping girls as he helped them to mount their horses. When Amber tries to dismiss him, he makes her go back into the house and binds her wrists and ankles with zip ties, gagging her with her own duct tape. He threatens to burn the house down with both of the women still inside, and departs to make arrangements. Amber, never one to pass up an opportunity, unties Lily's ropes, assuming that the club secretary will now side with her against this new common enemy. She can't believe it when Lily pushes her to the floor and walks out, leaving Amber zip tied and gagged.

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Office Rivals and Rider's Revenge enhanced (MP4) - Amber Wells and Lily Anna

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