• Tying Up Sara Liz Remastered (MP4) - Sara Liz

Sara Liz has agreed to be tied to a chair and attempt to free herself. As she watches the ropes being applied, she becomes increasingly doubtful that she will succeed. One she is completely bound (all tying is performed on camera), she has a cloth stuffed into her mouth before having microfoam tape wrapped around her head, sealing her mouth shut. Now she can't speak. She can't protest when Becky LeSabre makes a brief appearance to grope her left breast. After a while, it looks as if Sara might just be able to reach the knot in the rope binding her wrists, so as a precautionary measure, duct tape is wrapped around her fingers to make sure she can't untie herself. Yes, it is cheating and so very mean, but we love watching a tied up woman struggle helplessly. At the end, Dave and Becky go out for a beer, leaving Sara to free herself if she can.

A bonus sequence is added at the end of the video showing Sara Liz being secured with duct tape in the back of a truck. This is her contribution to "The Curiosity Shop" which contains a number of cameos.

22 minutes 56 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,079.0 MB

Tying Up Sara Liz Remastered (MP4) - Sara Liz

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