• Fantasies Fulfilled & The Thief enhanced (MP4) - Keri Spectrum

Fantasies Fulfilled
Keri has just arrived home from work and she is bored with nothing to do. She then remembers an advertisement she has seen in a magazine and finds it again: Fantasies Fulfilled. She had always wanted to be tied up but never had the nerve to ask anyone to do it for her, and now here was this company that specialized in making one's fantasies come true. Somewhat uncertain, she calls the number in the advertisement and asks if the services are discrete. Satisfied, she orders an hour of bondage, then sits back to wait for the rigger to arrive, amazed that she is actually going to do this. When the man arrives, he reassures her that she will be perfectly safe and reiterates the company policy, that if the victim can get free within the hour they get the session free of charge. Keri's hopes fall when the man places her in handcuffs and zipties them to the back of the chair with her wrists locked in them. He then zipties her ankles to the chair legs; this looks pretty inescapable, but then again it was what she wanted. To finish the job, the man gags her with microfoam tape, wrapping it around her entire head. He leaves Keri for the designated hour, keeping an eye on her from afar to ensure that all is well. When at the end of the hour Keri has made no progress with escaping, she decides to engage the company's services again, this time for rope bondage. A few days later, the same man returns and ties her up with rope, placing her in a hogtie on the floor and cleave gagging her before leaving her to struggle. It takes a long time and a lot of effort, but Keri does manage to escape from the hogtie and even manages to free her legs. She cannot, however, get the ropes off her wrists. When the man returns and sees how much progress she has made, he offers to charge her at half price only for doing so well.

The Thief
Keri is a thief who dresses in every day street clothes so that she will blend in and not be noticed when entering and leaving houses. She has burgled a house where she knows there is a valuable statue that will fetch a lot of money, but just as she is about to leave with her spoils, the door opens and the owner steps into the foyer. On seeing Keri, he demands to know what she is doing in his house. Then he sees the statue in her hand and snatches it from her. He grabs hold of the girl and marches her through to the kitchen, telling her he is going to call the police and have her arrested. In the meantime, he says, he is going to restrain her to make sure she doesn't make a run for it. He zipties Keri's wrists together behind her back, then makes her kneels down and cross her ankles. He zipties these too before pushing her down onto her stomach and using a third ziptie to place her in a brutally-tight hogtie. Keri can barely move now, but she still tries to persuade the man not to call the cops. He produces a cloth from a drawer and is about to gag her when she asks where he is getting all this stuff from. When he explains that this is a hobby of his, Keri gets scared and decides she would rather be arrested after all. The man gags her to keep her quiet, telling her that he is going to delay calling the cops so that he can keep her trussed up like this for a while, as punishment for being a thief.

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Fantasies Fulfilled & The Thief enhanced (MP4) - Keri Spectrum

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