• The Scarlet Avenger Returns Remastered (MP4) - Cadence Lux and Hannah Perez

The Scarlet Avenger is back and hot on the trail of another wrong doer. This time that wrong doer is Hannah Perez and she knows someone is after her but she is not sure who. We join her as she arrives home and hurries nervously from vehicle to house. Once indoors, she goes straight to the window to see if she was being followed, unaware that her nemesis is already in the house and creeping up behind her. When a gloved hand is clamped over her mouth, she knows the game is up. When she sees she is up against the Scarlet Avenger, Hannah begins to plead for another chance, but this pillar of right and rectitude is not interested in hearing Hannah's excuses. That said, the Scarlet Avenger is not above having a little fun with her victims while they wait for the authorities to arrive. As soon as she has Hannah all tied up and gagged, she engages in a little groping for self-gratification.

Now it is time to call in the police, but The Scarlet Avenger is unable to get a signal on her phone. She leaves Hannah alone while she goes in search of reception, and naturally Hannah starts wrestling with her bonds in the hope of getting free and escaping justice. To her surprise. she does manage to loosen the ropes binding her wrists  and quickly unties herself. Once free, she waits for the avenger to return, grabs her, overpowers her and ties her up. Now Hannah is free to make her escape, leaving her nemesis bound and gagged for the authorities to find.

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The Scarlet Avenger Returns Remastered (MP4) - Cadence Lux and Hannah Perez

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