• Fraud enhanced (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine is in debt. Big debt. She has become addicted to gambling and she owes money to some heavy duty lenders. She can see only one way out. She owns a silver and diamond broach which is worth a lot of money, but it is also a family heirloom and she can't bear to part with it. She therefore comes up with an idea which could solve all of her problems. She asks a friend of the family whose past is, she suspects, a little murky to help her stage a robbery. She asks the guy to tie her up and trash the house so that she can claim that the broach was stolen and claim on the insurance. She will have her phone close by, and after he has gone she will call the police and set things in motion. While he is tying Jasmine to a chair, however, the guy asks how big his cut is going to be. Jasmine tells him she will give him $1,000, but he wants more - a lot more. In fact, he wants 50%. Jasmine grows anxious and then angry, demanding that he now untie her because she wants to call the whole thing off. Instead, the guy gags her and says he is taking the jewelry, and Jasmine's cellphone to stop her calling for help. As he leaves, he promises to let her know how much he gets for the broach. Jasmine struggles frantically, but she has been so well tied that she can't reach anything with her hands, and the ropes are tight.

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Fraud enhanced (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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