• Try Out and She Thought She Got Away With It enhanced (MP4) - Tara and Constance

1. Try Out
Tara wants to become a bondage model and she has an appointment with the art director of an internet bondage company. When she arrives at the door, it is opened by a man whom she takes to be the said art director. Tara, who is anxious to be tied up to see if she can get the job as a bondage model for this company, offers no resistance whatsoever when being tied to a chair. She does not realize, until the man final tells her, that he is not the art director, and is actually not associated with the company at all, that he is in fact just a burglar! Tara grows alarmed and starts to panic, but it's too late now - she is firmly tied to the chair with a great deal of rope, and they are not yielding to her struggles at all. The man gags Tara with duct tape, then asks her if she would like to meet the company's real art director. He brings Constance through into the room, making her hop because her wrists and ankles are secured with plastic cuffs. He lays Constance down on the floor next to Tara and uses a zip tie to connect the two tuff cuffs, placing the girl in a tight hogtie. He departs with the bag full of money, leaving the girls to their own devices.

2. She Thought She Got Away With It
Tara is an employee in a bank that committed a fraud to steal money. She believes that no one suspected her, but then she receives a package in the mail containing a pair of handcuffs, some rope, and a letter informing her that someone knows everything. The letter states that if she does not want the police involved, she will have to tie herself up. Worried that she might end up in jail, Tara secures herself as instructed and waits for the arrival of the letter's author. She does not have to wait long. The front door opens and Constance, one of her colleagues from work, enters. Tara tries to speak through her gag but Constance cannot understand her. She says that she has always liked Tara, and now she plans to spend the weekend with her. Naturally, she will be tied up the entire time. "But don't worry," Constance says, "I'll feed you and let you use the bathroom when you need to." She then sets about adding more zip ties to Tara's limbs, restraining her even more tightly until she can hardly move.

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Try Out and She Thought She Got Away With It enhanced (MP4) - Tara and Constance

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