• Secret Obsessions (MP4) - Cadence Lux and Jasmine St James

This story is a back-and-forth between fantasy and reality, between client and professional, ultimately revealing the 'secret obsessions' of both women. Jasmine pays regular visits to a psychologist (Dr. Cadence Lux) because she is concerned about her growing obsession with bondage, not least with imagining Dr. Lux herself stripped down to her underwear and tied up. What she doesn't realize is that Cadence is entertaining a similar fantasy, imagining Jasmine in her bra and panties and tied to a bed, with Cadence cosying up to her and enjoying herself. In a somewhat unorthodox move, Cadence has brought rope to the office, and is going to suggest to Jasmine that she tie up her patient. When the moment comes, however, Jasmine misinterprets the doctor's intentions, believing that the idea is for her to tie up Dr. Lux. Cadence is caught off guard but decides that it can't hurt to let Jasmine explore her fantasies.

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Secret Obsessions (MP4) - Cadence Lux and Jasmine St James

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