• Bad Samaritan (MP4) - Rachel Adams

Rachel has hurt her ankle out hiking in the middle of nowhere. A passing motorist offers help, which she accepts, but he turns out to be a bad samaritan. Instead of taking her some place to get help with her vehicle, he takes her home and ties her up. He leaves Rachel tied to a chair until evening, and which point he makes her strip and change into a sexy nightdress he gives her, then he ties her to the bed and gags her. Compelled to sit up against the headboard all night long, Rachel can barely get any rest. In the morning, she asks for the use of the bathroom, and her captor allows her to do so. She uses the opportunity to try to escape, running off into the woods barefoot, still in the nightdress. Unfortunately for her, this move was anticipated by her captor who leads her back to the house. As punishment, he handcuffs her to a wall in his garage, locking cuffs around her ankles and pushing a large ball gag into her mouth. Her only brief reprieve is when she receives a phone call from a friend and is made to answer it, assuring her friend that everything is fine and that she has decided to extend her hiking holiday. Once the call is over, Rachel is re-gagged, and told she will have to stand there all day. She struggles, but against handcuffs, her efforts are entirely futile.

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Bad Samaritan (MP4) - Rachel Adams

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