• How Much Is She Worth and For Sale By Owner enhanced (MP4 1080p) - Jasmine St James and Jessica

1. How Much Is She Worth enhanced
Jessica and her boyfriend are out to make big money by snatching the daughter of a wealthy family and holding her as hostage. We seem them pull a bound and gagged Jasmine from the back of their vehicle. At first, Jasmine is made to hop in her high heels, then she is lifted and thrown over the boyfriend's shoulder. He carries her into the house and sets her down on the floor. Jessica takes over and puts poor Jasmine in a hogtie, then starts to play with her. When the boyfriend re-enters the room, he is on the phone to Jasmine's father. They ungag the girl and allow her to say a few words as proof that they have her, then she is gagged again. When her two captors leave the room for a few minutes, Jasmine struggles hard to escape but the ropes are just too tight and she can't get free. Jessica soon returns with her partner, and the two decide to release Jasmine from the hogtie and tie her to a chair instead. The girl is lifted up and deposited on a chair, then a lot more rope is added to pin her to the seat (mostly off screen). Jasmine is now thoroughly tied up with no hope of escape. When her father proves difficult, she is forced to speak to him on the phone again as a warning that these criminals mean business, then Jasmine's cleave gag is swapped for duct tape to keep her even quieter. Left alone for a second time, Jasmine tried desperately to escape but she simply can't. She is trapped and helpless, at the mercy of these ruthless people. Just when she believes things can't get any worse, Jessica returns and informs her that her father can't raise the money that day and that she will have to stay with them until tomorrow. Jessica tells her not to worry and says they can have some fun while they waist. She puts her arms around the bound girl and begins to feel her curvy body, stroking her thighs and squeezing her breasts. Jasmine tries to pull away but there is no way out for her. She will simply have to endure the attentions of her captors.

2. For Sale By Owner enhanced

Jasmine has arranged with the owner of a house to view his property with a view to buying. What she does not realize is that the for sale routine is just a ruse to bring people to the house, and when it happens to be a young woman alone, she may find herself sold instead of the house. On entering the property, the owner leaves Jasmine in the living room for a few moments. When he returns, he asks her where she would like to start. Off her guard, she turns away, and suddenly the man is pressing a cloth over her nose and mouth. She recovers after a few minutes to find herself bound hand and foot, the man in the process of putting her in a hogtie. She squeals in panic and protest, only to get herself cleave gagged with a white cloth. The owner is soon on the phone to a potential buyer, showing him the bound and gagged girl using his phone's camera. The buyer says he isn't sure and wants to see the girl in bra and panties only. The house owner unties Jasmine and makes her strip off her clothes until she is standing in nothing more than her underwear. Now the buyer seems very interested. He also wants to see the girl in a sexy dress, so Jasmine is persuaded to put this on too. With the deal made, the house owner ties Jasmine to a chair, telling her she will only have a few hours to wait before her journey to warmer climes begins.

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How Much Is She Worth and For Sale By Owner enhanced (MP4 1080p) - Jasmine St James and Jessica

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