• The Plagiarist (MP4) - Rachel Adams

Rachel is suspected of stealing a manuscript from an author for whom she has been acting as typist. When the only version of the finished manuscript disappears, the author believes Rachel is going to plagiarize his work. He confronts her and accuses her of theft, but she brazenly denies any knowledge. In an effort to reveal what he believes is the truth, the author makes Rachel strip off, much to her chagrin, so that he can inspect her for any evidence of the missing storage card. When he discovers it taped to her lower back, he retrieves his properly and then makes her get down on the floor. He intends to tie her up to await the arrival of the police. Rachel is placed in a hogtie and she is gagged with black duct tape, and despite struggling hard against her restraints, she is unable to free herself. When the author returns to say the police are on their way, Rachel swears at him through her gag, but there is nothing more she can do.

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The Plagiarist (MP4) - Rachel Adams

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