• Blackmail Backfired and Climbing The Corporate Ladder (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

1. Blackmail Backfired
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Vonka has been working for a small company operating out of the owner's home. She was hired to manage the accounts, and while going through them, she has found a number of irregularities that suggest her boss is defrauding his customers, accumulating as much as a hundred thousand dollars in ill-gotten gains. Vonka decides to confront him and warn that she will notify the authorities about his conduct unless he is prepared to turn over all of the proceeds to her. If she gets the money, it buys her silence and he can avoid any unpleasant legal entanglements. He seems to take the news well, at first. Her surprises Vonka and gets the drop on her, and before she knows where she is, she is tied to a chair with her boss saying how much he regrets that she uncovered his little secret. Now he must make her disappear. The first step is to make her car disappear, so he gags her and departs, leaving Vonka tied to a chair and her wrists secured to the sides by zip ties. She struggles desperately, trying so hard to escape from her bonds, but it's hopeless. Her efforts turn to frustration as she realizes that she is completely trapped and at her boss's mercy.

2. Climbing The Corporate Ladder
24 minutes 38 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,157.4 MB
Vonka is hungry for promotion and, after her six-month review, she asks to see her boss Dave to discuss her future. He makes time for her late in the day after all other employees have gone home. Vonka raising the issue of advancement, and is told that staff normally advance every few years, not every six months. Still, Dave admires her ambition. To his surprise, Vonka then mentions that she has heard rumors around the office that he is into bondage, and she offers to let him tie her up and gag her if that will encourage him to give further consideration her request. In fact, Dave is not into bondage at all, but he knows that his boss, George, is. He therefore agrees to the girl's suggestion.

Once Vonka is hogtied and gagged on the office floor, Dave calls George and explains the situation. It turns out that George, would very much like to take advantage of the situation, and asks Dave to take Vonka to a house he is having done up, and to install her in the basement in a particular bondage position. Upon learning of this, and seeing a chance to jumping over several corporate rungs to become personal assistant to the company's CEO, Vonka willingly agrees. What she does not expect is to be tied standing up in nothing more than her lingerie, legs wide apart and a ball gag in her mouth. To make the situation still more intense, George's basement is still being renovated and is unheated! Dave says he has to get home now and leaves Vonka there for George, promising that it should not be more than an hour before he arrives. After he leaves, Vonka has no choice but to stand there shivering and waiting, hoping that she has not made a tactical mistake.

Blackmail Backfired and Climbing The Corporate Ladder (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

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