• Bondage Obsession and Price On Her Head enhanced (MP4) - Cadence Lux

1. Bondage Obsession
Cadence has an obsession: She needs to be tied up and gagged on a regular basis or she starts to suffer withdrawal symptoms. Having failed to get anyone to take the time to restrain her for almost three weeks, she makes a call to a friend as a last resort. On the phone to him, she is literally saying: "Come tie me up, I'm begging you." To Cadence's delight, her agrees. When he arrives, she gets him to tie her up right away, tying rope around her wrists, elbows, ankles, and thighs. To finish off the bondage, her friend puts her in a hogtie and then gags her with a bandana. He says he has things to do and he will return later to check on her and make sure she is alright. Cadence enjoys the challenge of trying to escape from her bonds, always hoping that she won't succeed. After a long struggle, however, she does manage to gradually free herself. She is about half way there when her friend returns, and she challenges him by saying: "If you want that free dinner as your reward for doing this, you had better make a better job of it." Her friend take sup the challenge, and when we see her later Cadence is tied to a chair with a lot of rope, secured in such a way that no knots are within her reach, and she certainly can't get up off the chair. This time, she is gagged with duct tape, then once again her friend departs with the same promise to check on her later. Cadence sets to work on her new restraints, but it is not long before she realizes that she can't feel any slack in the ropes this time, that she really is trapped and will have to sit there until she is released. She doesn't know whether to be pleased or frustrated by her situation, but either way she has no choice in the matter.

2. Price On Her Head

Cadence has been foolish enough to skip bail and make a run for it over a fairly trivial crime. Her inexperience has made it easy for a bounty hunter to catch her. He has her wrists secured in Tuff Cuffs when he takes her to his home where, it has been arranged, law enforcement officials will show up to collect her. Once indoors, cadence decides to try making a bolt for it, even with her wrists secured, and this earns her some Tuff Cuffs around the ankles. Now she is going nowhere. Her efforts to get away have annoyed the bounty hunter, however, so he decides to gag her to shut her up and then connect her wrists and ankles with a regular zip tie, making her lay on the floor in a tight and very uncomfortable hogtie.

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Bondage Obsession and Price On Her Head enhanced (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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