• Planned Robbery (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine is in arrears with her rent and simply cannot pay. Rather than get evicted, she hatches a plan to raise money by staging a robbery where some of her possessions are stolen, and she can subsequently claim the insurance and get herself out of debt, and perhaps even turn a profit. She tries to plan out how the "burglar" should leave her. Obviously, she should be bound and gagged, but what type of gag would look the most convincing. She tries various options, from a man's neck tie to duct tape, and even tegaderm tape. She needs a second opinion, and she needs someone to tie her up. She calls her friend Rick and asks him to come over to help her out. He is a little confused by her scheme at first, but soon he throws himself into the part and binding her wrists and ankles. Jasmine suggests using her phone to take some photos of her being handgagged, and Rick obliges. He almost seems to be enjoying it too much, however, and Jasmine chastises him for being too rough.

Rick applies various gags to her mouth, and after some debate, Jasmine decides that just being tied up on the floor is not good enough. She asks Rick to tie her to a chair. When she has been secured, he cycles through the various gags again, finally settling on a cloth pushed into her mouth and seal in with tegaderm tape. Unable to speak now, Jasmine can't communicate with him any further, so she has to hope he knows what he is supposed to do. She sits there while he steals some of her valuables then departs. Jasmine now seems the flaw in her plan: Who is going to call the police?

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Planned Robbery (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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