• The Dancer plus Erin Under Arrest (MP4) - Erin

The Dancer
Erin has been hired to provide a strip tease to a client in a remote location. He has asked for (a) a striptease; (b) a sexy dance; (c) some light bondage, but after these have been delivered, he decides he'd like more, and is willing to pay. Erin calls in to her employer to clear it, but he says she has other weirdoes to attend to and can't oblige. The client takes matters into his own hands, however, and gags Erin, tying her up even more. After he leaves briefly to attend to something else, Erin gets free and makes a run for it towards her car. Before she reaches it, however, the client catches her and picks her up, carrying her back to the house. To make sure she does not try to run again, he stakes her out on his bead and silences her with a bit gag.

Bonus: Erin Under Arrest
Accused of embezzlement, Erin is arrested by a plain-clothes detective, placed in handcuffs and shackles. When she tries to escape his custody, a second pair of handcuffs is employed to link cuffs and shackles. placing her in a loose hogtie. Now she won't be going anywhere, other than to jail.

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The Dancer plus Erin Under Arrest (MP4) - Erin

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