• The Incentive (MP4) - Violet

Violet has been taken captive by a group who need her to serve as an incentive to her boyfriend to carry out a task for them, something he would refuse to do otherwise. With Violet's safety in the balance, he has no choice but to comply. While he is away on this mission, Violet is kept restrained day after day. She is at least allowed to change her outfits, although she ultimately ends up wearing less as a result. From being tied to a chair, she is made to stand with her wrists in handcuffs and a zip tie around her ankles, and finally is spreadeagled in the woods wearing only her bra and panties. To keep her from protesting, she is also kept gagged. She can only hope that her boyfriend will complete his mission very soon.

32 minutes 46 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,538.2 MB

The Incentive (MP4) - Violet

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