• The Woman Who Would Be Mayor (MP4) - Vonka Romanov and Syenite

Syenite is campaigning to be mayor of the local city, and she is on the campaign trail trying to drum up support. The race looks very close and every vote may count, so Syenite is willing to go that extra mile to win over her potential constituents. When she visits the house of one Vonka Romanov, she gets a little more than she expected. Vonka, a sex worker, wants to know if Syenite would do to protect people in her position, were she to be elected. Syenite makes easy promises like all politicians, and recognizing this, Vonka essentially asks her to prove it by allowing herself to be tied up. That way, Vonka reasons, she will have a better insight into the profession. Syenite is not at all sure about this, but remembering that even one vote could make all the difference to her chances, she submits to Vonka's suggestion. Soon, she is bound and gagged, and it starts to become apparent that Vonka is enjoying this a little more than she should be. When she starts talking about keeping Syenite in bondage for as long as she likes, the woman starts to wonder if she might have made a terrible mistake.

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The Woman Who Would Be Mayor (MP4) - Vonka Romanov and Syenite

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